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William Not-So-Surecross

William Surecross has been appointed to lead the Prevent Review. This is pretty much the worst news ever coz he's a total nonce (not literally, please don't sue us Elon Musk style). Willy, when he was director of the neo-conservative Henry Jackson Society, said: "Europe and Islam is one of the greatest, most terrifying problems of our future. I think all European countries have vastly, very quickly growing Islamic populations." 

Shawcross was chosen  over Nazir Afzal, the former chief crown prosecutor in the north-west. Afzal explains that it was clear Home Secturary Priti Palel, had already made her decision to appoint Shawcross."I was strung along to give an impression of open selection," Afzal said, "The fact that it was leaked that Shawcross was the Government's favourite even before I was interviewed by ministers suggests that the Government had already made up its mind about its preferred candidate from the outset, and was simply going through the motions to avoid scrutiny about the appointment," Afzal told Byline Times.


The People's Prevent Review

The Government have promised an 'independent' review into Prevent Policy, but we are now sadly convinced that this will be far from independent. Many organisations that were previously calling for the review have withdrawn their support due to its clear bias agenda. At End Prevent we are launching an alternative, parallel review: The People's Prevent Review. This will run alongside the Government's review and call on artists, students, academics and many more to give evidence. Watch this space.

We are End Prevent

End Prevent has launched! Come and be part of this movement. We are run by LUNG and Maslaha and we think Prevent Policy is a bag of shit. So we're running this creative campaign, raising awareness around Prevent and calling for it to be abolished. Through our campaign we'll be platforming art, sharing information and encouraging you to get involved through our People's Prevent Review. It's gonna be a wild ride!